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The Nguni Collection

Just as my Bee Range symbolises health, wealth and happiness and my Kudu Collection symbolises grace and wisdom, my new Nguni Range means something important too. I am so happy to finally share my newest collection with you today, this collection is symbolic of everything that 2020 lead to, a very important milestone for me - My move from Cape Town to Hilton, KZN.  Once here, I found myself surrounded by these iconic creatures which are indigenous to South Africa. Their incredible big horns and beautiful coats are so unique you can't help but be inspired by them. Nguni cattle are known for their hardiness and longevity. They can tolerate extreme temperatures, surviving and adapting to their accompanying foliage. They...

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Legend has it that during the Ancient Roman times Emperor Claudius II deemed it illegal for young men to get married. He felt that the single, childless men were far superior soldiers than any other. So, a man later called St. Valentine began to perform secret, forbidden marriages for young lovers up until the day he was caught and sentenced to death. 

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Be Yours, This Valentine’s Day...

  Valentine’s Day is such a subjective thing - you either love the day or you hate it.  Here, at Kelly Jay Jewellery, we love it! And what’s more, we don’t believe you have to wait around for someone else to spoil you - show yourself love and avoid disappointment because after all, who knows what you like better than you? We have come up with a few simple tips on how you can make sure you have the best day ever, this Valentine’s Day -  Step One - Buy yourself Flowers. What better way to ensure you get your favourite? Step Two - Get the lingerie! There is nothing more empowering than building your own self-confidence and nothing makes...

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Getting to know 'Kelly Jay' of Kelly Jay Jewellery!

“Creating jewellery is my passion. My interest and enjoyment lie in using gemstones and precious metals and showing off nature’s true beauty - producing lovely pieces to wear and to treasure. My hope is simply that you have as much pleasure wearing my jewellery as I did in designing it.”  With the recent addition of a blog to my website, I thought it only fitting to introduce myself…  My name is Kelly Jay Maughan. I am the owner and designer at Kelly Jay Jewellery.   From a very young age, I had an immense adoration for collecting gemstones, being fascinated by their colours, inclusions and symbolic meanings. So it was only natural that my next step was to attend The Stellenbosch...

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