Hello, I'm Kelly, a passionate jewellery designer originally from Zimbabwe but now based in South Africa. My love lies in creating jewellery that holds deep personal significance for the wearer, infusing each piece with strong symbolic meanings that inspire and uplift. I personally handpick every gemstone, ensuring that only the finest quality and most vibrant colors are chosen. Additionally, I am committed to sourcing materials from ethical mines, prioritizing sustainability and responsible practices.

When designing each piece, I hold two guiding principles close to heart: uniqueness and timelessness. I strive to create designs that are as distinct as the individuals who wear them, while also ensuring that they possess a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends. My ultimate mission is for each wearer to cherish their jewellery forever, with the intention that it becomes a cherished heirloom to be passed down through generations.

"Creating jewellery is my passion, purpose and love. My interest and enjoyment is to use gemstones and precious metals to show off nature’s beauty, to produce lovely pieces to wear and treasure. I hope you have as much pleasure in wearing my jewellery as I did in designing and creating it."