Black Friday, With Love


Black Friday is always a difficult time for small businesses like mine. We work very hard to make sure that each and every one of our products are of the highest quality at all times and therefore, there is generally no wiggly room when it comes to reducing the price. 

For a few years now I have toyed with the idea of taking part but…does taking part make my items seem cheap? Does it lessen their value? I will truly never really know the answer to those questions! The deciding factor for me was that I wanted to give back and thank all of you for your loyal support throughout these very difficult times. The Pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone but especially for small, local businesses. The continuously growing local support has overwhelmed me over the last two years and I am extremely grateful! 

So, for me it wasn’t about taking part and “joining the craze”, it was about acknowledging each and every one of you and giving something back as a way to say ‘thank you’! 

Thank you for all the likes, the follows, the comments, the shares and the saves. Thank you for all the purchases and the amazing reviews. 

From me to you and from small local businesses to their local customers - we thank you! We would not be able to do what we do without you. 

With love, 


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