I’m so excited, I’m engaged! Now what?

As we head into the Festive Season and the Engagement Wave begins to ramp up, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide a few pointers or help make sure those rings stay in tip-top shape!


I know, getting a big, beautiful sparkly ring is so exciting and it’s easy to understand why you never want to take it off, after all it is probably the most expensive piece of jewellery you have ever owned to this point and…you did work awfully hard to get it 😉 


Let’s start off with a few warnings - 


  1. Know when to take your ring off. It takes a while to get used to your ring and you want to protect it as much as possible. Taking it off when putting cream on, showering or washing your hands is a must as some soaps and detergents can be harsh and damaging to the stone or metal. They can also leave residue on the stone leaving it murky.
  2. Do not exercise with your ring! Simple enough however, for many of us who don’t train with weights which are obvious to dent or cause bending of our rings, this rule still applies. General sweat is known to cause your stone to go murky (however sweat wont damage the stone just won’t make it look as sparkly).
  3. Be cautious when it comes to resizing your ring. There are many factors that can affect the size of your hands, including the general temperature of where you live. You could get engaged somewhere colder in climate and then head home where it’s slightly more tropical. Another example would be losing weight before your wedding followed by getting pregnant. Keeping your ring slightly looser can be beneficial however, the looser the ring is, the more wear your stone is going to have and the more your setting is going to become out of shape.
  4. Avoid self cleaning! Yes, I know, there is plenty of content and articles teaching you how but using an incorrect soap or detergent or a bristle that is too harsh can do more harm than good.

    So, saying all of this I thought I would provide a few tips and tricks to keeping your ring as safe as possible - 


    1. Keep ring dishes around the house. Think of all the places around the house you are likely to take your ring off - in bathrooms or in the kitchen being the most common. Place ring dishes at each space so you are able to trace your steps back and find your precious item. 
    2. Keep a little pouch in your handbag or gym bag for safe keeping when out and about. Many people place the ring on a chain however, these can often get in the way when doing something like exercise and are swiftly removed which can lead to loss, theft or damage. If you are out at dinner and want to go to the bathroom where you will wash your hands or are going to the gym, having a small pouch is a convenient and safe way to know where to find your ring. Make life a bit easier and place a pouch in every bag just for when the time comes!
    3. Keep a close eye - and ear - on your ring. Especially if you have a ring with small diamonds or gemstones, the prongs are much smaller and this means they wear off faster which can cause the stone to pop out. Check your stone by tapping it with your finger and holding it close to your ear between two fingers and shaking it to hear if it’s moving.
    4. If you notice any movement or that there is a claw or two that are not as long as the others, get your ring checked by a professional. This is important to do about once a year, especially if your ring is made of gold as that is much softer than platinum. 
    5. And, possibly the most important point - Get Engagement Ring Insurance! Men, you should probably do this from the moment you receive the ring - sometimes it may take you a while to pluck up the courage or find the right time to propose. Ladies, the ring is easier to lose or forget than you think, especially in the first few weeks or months.


    It is a very special time in your life, don’t ruin it by damaging or losing your ring 😉

    I truly hope this was helpful to all of you and wish you nothing but joy and love during this exciting time!

With love, 

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