Be Yours, This Valentine’s Day...


Valentine’s Day is such a subjective thing - you either love the day or you hate it. 

Here, at Kelly Jay Jewellery, we love it! And what’s more, we don’t believe you have to wait around for someone else to spoil you - show yourself love and avoid disappointment because after all, who knows what you like better than you?

We have come up with a few simple tips on how you can make sure you have the best day ever, this Valentine’s Day - 

Step One - Buy yourself Flowers. What better way to ensure you get your favourite?

Step Two - Get the lingerie! There is nothing more empowering than building your own self-confidence and nothing makes me feel more confident than a matching pair of under garments.

Step Three - Book a night/ weekend away. Do whatever is in your means and do it local. During this time, many people aren't travelling so, support our local tourism industry and book some time away, appreciating every second of the beautiful country in which we live!

Step Four - Take a Bath fit for a Queen...Or King? Life always seems too busy to take time out for ourselves so, while you are dedicating this Valentine’s Day to you - how about taking that extra time in your day and soaking it all in?

Step Five - End your day off with your favourite meal. Whether it’s from your favourite local sushi spot or just a recipe you’ve been meaning to try - do it and do it just for you! 

Oh, and of course please just end it off  with that box of chocolates you have been walking past each time you have gone grocery shopping, you deserve it!

Step Six - In the words of Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days... "Frost yourself!" Jewellery was not just made for men to buy for women - Buy the ring!

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