When is too early to start talking Christmas?

For most people, Christmas prep begins on November 31st but for me, it starts as soon as Woolworths brings out their first Christmas treat.

The lead up to the Festive Season is a busy time for me! People love to spread love over the Festive Season and that most often means…they need an Engagement Ring. (Saying that, just a reminder to everyone that if you are looking to get engaged over the Festive Season, custom orders at Kelly Jay Jewellery close on the 31st October)

However, if you’re not looking to get engaged over the Festive Season but still feel like spreading love and spoiling people (or yourself, no judgement here) I am more than sure that I have just the right thing for you - whether it’s a stocking filler or gift idea you are looking for, no matter what the budget. 

  • First on our list is the Kelly Jay Jewellery Travel Box. This Travel Box is the greatest travel companion - no matter where you are going. It is small enough to fit into your handbag, robust enough to survive a suitcase going through customs and keeping all your cherished pieces safe and fashion-forward enough to make people envious! 

  • Next are the Solid Silver Bee Studs - my absolute everyday piece. These beautiful little hand carved bees are simple and playful but still classy and elegant. Your perfect go-to piece no matter what the day holds. 

  • It's been a tough year, why not spoil someone with our next piece which is all about strength - The Solid Silver Nguni Bull Earrings.

  • Ears not pierced? No problem. The Colony Necklace, Herd Necklace or our newest Posy Necklace are all perfect pieces to spark joy this Festive Season. 

Any of those interest you? If so, head over to the Kelly Jay Jewellery website and order now. Because after all, it’s never too early to start talking about Christmas…nor is it too early to be prepared for it 😉

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