Getting to know 'Kelly Jay' of Kelly Jay Jewellery!

“Creating jewellery is my passion. My interest and enjoyment lie in using gemstones and precious metals and showing off nature’s true beauty - producing lovely pieces to wear and to treasure. My hope is simply that you have as much pleasure wearing my jewellery as I did in designing it.”

 With the recent addition of a blog to my website, I thought it only fitting to introduce myself…

 My name is Kelly Jay Maughan. I am the owner and designer at Kelly Jay Jewellery. 

 From a very young age, I had an immense adoration for collecting gemstones, being fascinated by their colours, inclusions and symbolic meanings. So it was only natural that my next step was to attend The Stellenbosch University to pursue a career in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing. Having the skills I acquired throughout my studies as well as access to the latest jewellery design software I decided to further my expertise by doing advanced courses in London. 

 After which time I moved to Cape Town and it was there that Kelly Jay Jewellery started. Now, nearly three years later I am selling my designs online all over the world, my unique, exclusive jewellery attracting various celebrities and well-known South Africans. 

 I could not be more happy with what I do every day and what Kelly Jay Jewellery stands for - The metals I use are completely pure, as well as the gemstones I use, are personally selected and sourced from ethical mines - ensuring impeccable colour and quality while making a difference. 

 I am forever grateful to those around me, for pushing me in this direction, to start Kelly Jay Jewellery. I am thankful also to my father who always believed in me and who, on a two-hour flight at the age of nine, helped me create the very signature that I still use to this day and which has come to be the logo for Kelly Jay Jewellery.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds and hope to someday create something unique and significant for you.

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