Hello Spring…


Spring for me is a time to slow down, a time to look back on the growth you have achieved or look forward to what you want to accomplish. It is a fresh start, a time to decide to be whatever you want to be, whoever you want to be, to do whatever it is that you have always wanted to do. 

Three years ago, I did exactly that and now I am living out my absolute dream. I am not saying it didn’t take hard work, sacrifice and tears but I am saying that it was all worth it. 

Take time to slow down this Spring, to stop and smell the roses, to bloom. If there is anything I have learnt throughout my own life experience, it is that nothing is impossible and it’s never too late. 

Be resilient, listen to what your body needs, what your heart yearns for and follow the path that makes you happy. 

This Spring, I bring you my newest collection - The Daisy Collection. 

This special collection is made up of two necklaces - The Daisy Necklace and The Posy Necklace and symbolises the opportunity of being able to begin again. 

Why did I choose the Daisy of all flowers? Daisies are extremely resilient flowers - they can live in both wet and dry climates and are resistant to many pesticides and insects and most importantly, they bloom in both the light and the dark. 

Just because you are small, does not make you weak. So, go ahead…no matter what life throws at you, remember to be like the Daisy.


Remember to bloom.


With love,

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