Kelly Jay

Silver Honeycomb Cuff

R 6,000.00

Arguably one of nature’s greatest species. Two colour simplicity in design. A communal structure that man can only marvel at. Loyal to their very death. Hard working every day of their lives – and the ones that actually produce the magic we have all come to know as honey – is most interestingly and understandably the female worker bee. The Honey Comb Cuff is one of Kelly Jay's most popular. It is inspired by the natural pattern of honey comb made by a bee and turned into a wearable piece of jewellery which will last forever.


  • The band width is about 8,5 mm wide
  • Made in solid silver
  • The thickness of the metal band is about 2mm thick


We do stock these items in small, medium and large so they can be shipped immediately after purchase. Therefore you can receive this beautiful jewellery piece within the next week. 

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