Kelly Jay Jewellery

Ubuntu Unity Necklace (Gold)

R 9,300.00

The Ubuntu Unity Necklace is inspired by the African Ubuntu philosophy, which highlights the interconnectedness of all things and the significance of community. The necklace serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and community, not only in African culture but also globally. 

Singakwenza Organiztion, our partner in creating the Ubuntu necklaces, focuses on early childhood development by training local practitioners to support children. This "helping hand" effect, from Singakwenza to practitioner to child, perfectly embodies the Ubuntu philosophy of "I am because you are." Profits of the necklace will be donated to Singakwenza to help support their mission in educating children.

The necklace is 15x10mm and made in solid 9ct yellow gold. You have the option to purchase it with or without a 50cm chain. The necklace is ready to ship.  

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